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kite trackers is an emerging international technology, management, education and governance consultancy service based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Kite Trackers boasts a wide range of expertise, rich in education and experience, versatile in approach and visionary in outlook. Particularly in the context of Bangladesh, Kitetrackers is professionally equipped to make a significant contribution in areas that include: governance, education, knowledge management and new and emerging technologies to meet the challenges facing Bangladesh’s private and public sectors alike. 

Our approach is to find the right people with the right mix of education, experience and achievement to work in tandem with national and international partners, to achieve the desired outcome and help build a better future.

We are committed to implementation of solutions that contribute to sustained improvements in service delivery for the clients.

Our vision is to emerge as the best and most cost-effective professional-service delivery system for our cients.

We have gathered a large team of economists, audit specialists, legal experts, financial management, software and governance specialists. Our members are professionals with established reputations and demonstrable experience in leading the design and implementation of reforms and implementation of tailor-made solutions for our clients. Members of our team have typically held senior positions in economic, financial management and governance institutions in their own countries and internationally, including with international financial institutions and international donor organisations. Our people are senior professionals with established reputations for providing effective solutions to public and private sector clients. We share a commitment to maintaining the highest professional value and standards within the national setting as well as international development community.

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